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I was reading some of the comments on the Real Housewives facebook page and I couldn't believe what I was reading. It constantly amazes me how brave people are behind a keyboard.

Some were questioning Christina's age because she looks older than thirty. I would age faster too if I went through two marital breakdowns. Divorce can and does suck the life right out of you. Who really cares how old she is. It doesn't matter.

One post made very harsh comments towards Ronnie. They wrote she was a liar for claiming to be Mary's friend for a long time. Well, then I guess Mary must be lying too, as she has said the same about Ronnie and how long they've been friends.

They are self-serving. I saw this one a few times. One hundred percent of Ronnie's earnings from the show are going towards the B.C. Center for Ability. Over 3,000 children, teens and adults that are suffering neurological, developmental and physical disabilities are going to reap the benefits of Ronnie being on the show.

Mary is giving back as well. Her son suffers from a rare disease, Tuberous Sclerosis which causes him to have seizures. I am sure that TSC Canada will very graciously thank Mary for being 'self-serving'.

Yes, Jody and Mia are a little over the top at times but there is no denying the love they have for one another. I love their mother/daughter relationship. They're a breath of fresh air. Self-serving Jody also gives back to a charity called the, Larry LunchBucket Society. They feed the homeless and under privileged.

 Reiko and Mary both, are helping to raise awareness for the NOH8 campaign.

I am not naive and of course a part of each housewife does it for the recognition and fame. But, a lot of GOOD is coming out of it as well.

Yes, I love this show because it's Canadian. I also love this show for the entertainment. All five women can be a 'little' full of themselves. At least they own it, unlike the American housewives.

Jody on skid row feeding the homeless

Next week's episode looks like one big cat fight, that I can't wait to watch.

just my point of view... :o)