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For my political involvement Project I attended a State of the City address for San Jose and I served as a witness in a Mock Trial. In both of my experiences I learned that politics is never simple, it is very complex and takes a lot of time to get an end result. For example, in the State of the City address Mayor Chuck Reed discussed a way to get more public transportation brought into San Jose. This political issue was clearly an item on Reed’s policy agenda, or the political issues that are going to be addressed to the government, in this case the local government. The mayor then stated that he would invest in numerous linkage institutions to make this happen. He mentioned a few of these institutions as he talked, which ranged from radio ads, billboards and flyers around the city, and community groups all with the interest of increasing public transportation in San Jose. From experiencing this address my eyes were opened to the world of local politics. When compared to the national government, I never thought that the local government would have so much to discuss and have such an impact on me. In my mock trial, I thoroughly enjoyed being in the political environment – the courthouse. It helped me to truly see democracy in action, or the rule by the people. Also in my trial there was a lot of press involved. In the arguments made by the law students, they backed up their information with news reports and media events. At one point of the trail an adversarial relationship was brought up between the witness and a reporter who questioned her. The reporter went on the stand and criticized the witness, and it was quite interesting for me to see one of my actual vocabulary words in the real governmental setting. Overall this project to me was eye opening and made me realize that the political process is much more complex than I imagined it to be.