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Mira was pretty excited to get back to school today, at least for a while. She didn't have a ton of patience this morning while waiting for the bus and the fact that it was 20 minutes late, didn't help her cause either. She was happy once she was outside and heading toward the bus. The report back was that she had a decent morning at school.

Apparently, she was having a fussy spell around lunch time, until her teacher brought out the big drum. Mira loves to kick her feet on the drum and is a sure fire way to get a smile from her. They were able to snap her out of her irritable mood with the drum and she managed to have a good rest of the afternoon.

This evening, she was a little quieter than usual and was was having a number of myoclonics in her chair around dinner time. She had a decent appetite, but wasn't all that enthusiastic about playing with her toy for more than a few minutes. We put her back in bed and she ended up staying awake for another 45 minutes, just relaxing quietly.