Human Characteristics - History

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What is now Germany was first inhabited by the Franks, who were a strong and aggressive people. They were able to resist the Roman Empire, and remain independent. When the Roman Empire fell, the Franks conquered more land, and created their own empire. This eventually turned into the Holy Roman Empire. This empire was split in two when Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation after 1517, and created the Northern States. The northern and southern states went to war for thirty years in what is now known as the Thirty Years War, which ended in the downfall of the Holy Roman Empire, and created a nation which was split into multiple states. After many failed revolutions, the states were finally unified in 1871 to form the German Empire by Otto von Bismarck. This socialist government held until the German Revolution of 1918-19 after World War One. In 1930, the Nazi party, under Adolf Hitler, grew in power until Hitler’s suicide and the end of World War Two. At this point, the country was split into the free, democratic West Germany, and the communist East Germany, controlled by the Soviet Union until its downfall in 1990. Since then, Germany has remained one united democratic country, as well as the economic leader of Europe.