progeria, rapamycin and normal aging: recent breakthrough

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A recent discovery shows that a drug rapamycin suppresses aging progeric cells! this not only means that there is a possible non toxic treatment for Progeria but it also implies its similarity with normal aging processes. An excess amount of the mutated form of Lamin A proteins called Progerin that has a link to the aging process in healthy humans is mainly what causes all the effects of Progeria. This accumulation causes nuclear abnormalities, cell abnormalities and bodily ones as well as telomere shortening and dysfunction like I have mentioned in previous posts. Basically the cells begin to replicate themselves as damaged and mutated ones in a process called replicated senescence. Rapamycin however has been shown to stimulate the clearance of progerin which would stop the nuclear abnormalities form forming as well as delay the replicative senescence and other affects as well. Farnesyltransferase inhibitors which I have explained in another post are rather toxic which makes rapamycin an intriguing option to consider when or if it becomes available for trial. Rapamycin has also been shown to prevent atherosclerosis which is a arterial disease that affects the heart and is known to occur in patients with progeria. I am amazed that within a decade so much work has been done and research taken place to come up with more options of treatment for children with progeria.