One year!

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It has been a while, but in this case, that is a great thing. Today we are celebrating Landon's ONE YEAR anniversary since surgery. Landon has come so far in the past 12 months.... 

{7 Weeks Post Op}
He has healed wonderfully. He started walking just a few short weeks after surgery, while still looking like Charlie Brown. It wasn't long after that he was wrestling with his brothers again and being a typical toddler!

{2 Months Post Op}

Landon and Grayson turned one just two months after Landon's surgery. He partied like a rock star while we all celebrated the twins first year and Landon's recovery!

{3 Months Post Op}
By football season his scar was starting to become less noticeable. We were able to go places with less stares and his hair was beginning to cover his zig zag.

{4 Months Post Op}
 Landon was Thing 1 for Halloween and sported a blue do.

{5 Months Post Op}

{6 Months Post Op}
By the time Landon was 6 months post surgery, and 14 months old, there was no stopping him! He was running, jumping, and wrestling with his brothers as if he was not still recovering from surgery.

{7 Months Post Op}

{8 Months Post Op}

{9 Months Post Op}

{10 Months Post Op}

{11 Months Post Op}

Just a few short weeks ago, Landon went back for a somewhat routine MRI to monitor his Chair Malformation. His MRI came back completely normal and he is off the hook for a whole year! We could not be be more relieved and overwhelmed with the good news!

{1 Year Post Op}
Today we are celebrating these past 12 months. Yesterday Landon started his first day of preschool, and soon he will turn 2! We are so proud of our little firecracker!