Low Protein Mashed Potatoes #PKU

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     Lily and I made mashed potatoes the other day.  On a side note, I always wonder how to spell potatoes (s or es?) then I think of that very famous vice-president- what's his name who could spell potaTOE!  Anyways, we made them from scratch.  We washed the potatoes and cut them into cubes.  We then boiled the potatoes for about 20 minutes.  Once they were soft, Lily got to mash them up!  We weighed the potatoes to figure how much phe was in the batch.


     We added a little "milk" and "butter" and then mashed some more.  This was Lily's favorite part.  Plus, whenever I looked the other way, Lily took a little nibble!  We used a non-dairy coffee creamer for the "milk"- which is 0 phe and Parkay Spread for the "butter"- which is 0 phe.  Potatoes are 0.88 phe/gm- regardless of the type of potato.

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