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The Liver, What is it?
The liver is the largest internal organ in the body. It keeps us healthy with over 500 functions dealing with digestion and detoxification. Notably, the liver breaks down and metabolizes the food we eat in terms of carbohydrate, fat and protein, as well as purifies the blood from foreign chemicals and internally made hormones. The liver helps regulate blood sugar levels, can store some nutrients, synthesize blood proteins, and has a remarkable capacity to repair itself when damaged.

Liver Cleansing foods
Our habitual diet directly affects the health of our liver.  The foods shown in image are all natural items found to have a positive affect on the liver’s function. Some people believe that dietary cleanses and supplementation are the way to restore ideal liver function, and others (like this author), believe it’s better to just regularly include the garlic, green tea, avocado, spinach, turmeric, arugula, cruciferous vegetables, and citrus in their diet on a regular basis. Also it best to remove large helpings of alcohol, red meats and deep fried foods.

Follow the link to NaturalNews it has an awesome reference page and peer reviewed information regarding nutrition and other natural topics including NaturalPedia, Healing Food Reference, and the Herb, Supplement and Nutrient Reference. 

Liver Cleansing Exercise
Besides diet, Exercise is the other half of the equation when it comes to keeping your liver healthy.  By participating in any type of vigorous physical activity for 45+ minutes every day, you will find the key to unlock the door to fountain of youth… and long term health for your liver.  Exercise helps maintain hormonal balance, correct blood pressure, reduces stress, clears your pores through sweat, and ensures your bones are strong, but most importantly: exercise keeps fat away from your waistline.  Through much research, exercise physiologists have found the likelihood of contracting cardiovascular disease very high in men with waist sizes greater than 94cm or 37inches, and women with waist sizes greater than 80cm or 31 1/2inches. The moral of the story is excess fat around your waist which covers your internal organs will kill you in the long run. The correct balance between the right amount of exercise and diet is a little different for everyone, however to find out more about what is right for you… come visit The Bentall Centre Athletic Club in the Lower Plaza of Bentall 4 - 1055 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, BC. 

Liver Conscious Personal Care Products: Arbonne!
When our bodies are in contact with environmental pollutants, process foods and chemically laden cosmetics our bodies become stressed and liver can be overworked and overloaded. Some toxins can come from the environments we habituate, but others can be found sneaking into our daily routine (besides diet) through regular home care products like soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, skin lotion, SPF, deodorant, and the list goes on. The average person uses about 12 personal care products a day. And unless you have a background in organic chemistry it’s sometimes difficult to differentiate between what is healthy and what is not. This is where Johanna who is an Independant Arbonne Consaultant can help you choose the best products to suit your needs. Arbonne produces premium botanical and 100% Vegan and gluten free wellness products who ensure that all their products are free of harmful ingredients. You may not be able to control things like air pollution, or hazardous building materials, but you can control what goes on your skin, and  therefore reduce contaminants from your liver and other internal organs. To obtain a free sample, or place an order:  follow the link to reach Johanna Hunt at Welcome Your Wellness. call: 604 848 9576.

Eastern Philosophy: The Liver Meridian & Ohashiatsu
Dating back 3000 years or so, wellness practitioners in the East have observed and charted out a series of Ki (or Chi, or Prana) energy flows in the body. These Ki flows or 12 energy meridians have great significance to wellness and the anatomy in terms of the natural course of neural pathways, circulation, myofacial tracts and philosophical issues. Overall, using meridian theory could be seen as a more holistic approach in terms of body wellness incorporating both the emotional and the physical. One of the 12 Ki meridians is the Liver which is described emotionally by livelier characteristics such as anger, tears, shouting and control and physically follows a path from the big toe up the interior side of the leg past the liver and finishing at the 6 th rib (see image above).  By using massage and pressure point acupressure and a specially developed system of movements, Ohashiatsu can affect the receiver in a profound and effective way for strengthening, healing, relaxation, tension release and energy balance. I will be offering sessions at The Bodystorm Gym in Squamish on Monday , Wednesday and Thursday.  Visit for more information.

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