Vote for Lysosome He'll Give You a Better Home!

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Vote Lysosome, He'll Give You a Better Home!

Mr. Larry C. Lysosome the MOST important organelle 
and your best bet  for top organelle

The Lysosome

     I am the single most important organelle within a cell. As a lysosome I work hard to make sure that all virus's and unwanted matter are disposed from the cell. My enzymes work harder than any other to keep our cell healthy! The cells health revolves around my Job to decompose threats. Other competitors can say that they are important because they provide the cell with energy or helps the create proteins but I am the reason they are still healthily functioning. Why vote on the guys you rely on me for their own well being. You should vote for the guy who helps others! Make the right choice and vote lysosome as they guy who helps give you a better home!                                  
How I Work

     There is a lot of work that goes into to what I do but I continue to strive forward for the well being of the rest of us. My mixture of enzymes can break down anything that can be possible threat to the cells health. I play the roll of a Sheriff within our own cell city keeping all the bad guys out and disposing of them! Seeing as I do that I believe I am well respected by my fellow organelles seeing as I am the one who keeps them alive!

What I consist of!

    As a lysosome I consist of three parts which all have very important functions. Firstly we have we the plasma membrane the plasma membrane is used to help contain all internals of of organelle which is the Hydrolytic Enzyme mixture. Secondly the Lipid Bilayer within the plasma membrane is a polar membrane made by two layers of lipid molecules which form a sheet to barrier the cells. It keeps all ions, proteins and molecules where they are needed to diffusion in the wrong areas. Thirdly the Hydrolytic Enzyme Mixture is what breaks down 
proteins, carbohydrates, and fat molecules into their most basic units. During the hydrolysis a single water molecule is added to the polymer creates a covalent bond to hold the two monomers. Then the decomposition takes place.

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