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I really enjoyed volunteering for Operation prom dress because it really helped me understand the importance of linkage institutions, the importance of constituents, and political participation. Linkage institution is a structure within a society that connects its people to the government. Usually this includes elections, interest groups, and even the media. The reason why I mention linkage institution is because the people went to the vice mayor to express their concerns. They are the constituents who express their opinions of what they want to change. Constituents also are the people who vote people in their positions of government. Lastly, there is political participation. We helped an event to happen to help the people of the district. We are able to take care of the needs of the people and participated in a government event. The event helped me understand as a citizen that others can make a large impact on our community. In class, we've learned how the people are a big component in the government. This even help remind me how the government was made for the people's safety, but also produced laws to allow expression. The assistant of the vice mayor visited us after school (she is an agent of political socialization). She explained to us how the events had connections with the local government and explained to us about districts and members of congress.