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After about 3 months and many vials of blood later we finally have a diagnosis for Miss Anna Grace.

Let me go back a little bit.

About 2 months ago, Anna Grace went to the Dr and tested very very low for iron. (About 9.7)
We were told this looked like an iron deficiency issue and she would need to start taking iron. This was no big deal and we hoped that if she took the iron everything would be just fine.

So for two months Anna Grace took very big doses of iron religiously. She may have missed two doses. Our sweet girl prayed and took the nasty iron in stride and was very hopeful she would be better come her next doctors appointment.

Sadly, this was not the case.

Last Monday we had the "Big Appointment" to get more blood drawn and more tests done to see if her iron had improved. After a very, very traumatic finger prick the doctor came in. The doctor was so kind and so very sweet to our delicate flower girl. Instead of the iron helping and raising Anna Grace's levels, her levels were even lower.

This was a very sad thing for us, not because it is a big huge deal but because we were hopeful that we had figured out what exactly was causing her problems and this put us back at square one.

Our only option was to draw more blood and run more tests. After four tries and a lot of tears from nurses and Anna Grace they were able to get enough blood for tests.

We left after two hours and waited for the results.

Yesterday we received a call from the doctor and thankfully, her report was hopeful.

Anna Grace was diagnosed with Thalassemia. It is a blood disorder very common in asian children.

What does this mean? Well right now, she just has to be monitored pretty closely to make sure her levels stay okay. It also means she gets to stop taking the nasty iron (Yay!) Right now, it is no big deal and we pray that is continues to stay that way.

Please join us in praying for our girl. We are so thankful to finally have a diagnosis and to know exactly what was going on.