The Primordial Eggplant

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Ohh Mahh Gohh!! My eyes are runny, my head hurts and I feel like a retarded Primordial Eggplant **Jon picks at his eye** This morning has started out a bit.. well, late I guess is the only way to describe it, you see after waking up late, due to going to bed late, I ate breakfast late, got dressed late and then went to work late, after which my girlfriend called me and told me she was late =O … Lol, Okay luckily the last one wasn’t true, but any way here I am now in my Primordial Eggplant like state staring blankly at the fuzzy comforting glow of the computer screen while lightly inhaling the smell of pasta which my supervisor is eating. From behind me a talkative Irish lady (Jon’s other manger) penetrates my state of Eggplant-ty meditation. Hmm **Jon rests his head in his palms and slowly lulls off to sleep **
**Jon is a dark purple Primordial Eggplant egg plant with two big round eyes, he is lying in the dirt on a farm’s vegetable patch looking up at the sky. “Omg how great is this.. So relaxing.. Being an eggplant is the B.O.M.B” Jon the egg plant rocks back and forward a bit enjoying the warm sun. SUDDENLY a brown boot lands next to him “OMG WHAT IS THAT?” Slowly a figure moves forward, its head blocking out the sun with a red dot in where its eye should be (like the terminator). “AGHHHH DON’T EAT ME!!!!” egg plant Jon screams thrashing around.**
**Jon looks up** What the heck? **Jon’s manager is shaking the back of his chair looking at Jon's monitor “What’s that? Jon is a dark purple Primordial Eggplant egg plant???” Crap I better go =D until next time!