World Hemophilia Day 2012

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Hemophilia of Indiana had the wonderful pleasure of hosting a World Hemophilia Day event in Elkhart, Indiana on Tuesday April 17th. We could not have asked for a better night! We want to first thank all the members of the organization for coming out to celebrate this day of awareness with us. The turnout was above and beyond what we could have hoped for. We are so excited to continue having events in that part of the state. Next we want to thank William Black and Baxter for sponsoring the event. It would not have been the same without such great support! Also we would like to thank Antonio's Italian Restaurant for providing a location for our event, as well as a delicious meal.

At the event, nurse Lisa Bowman, from Indiana Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center, presented a Fact's First program. This program, "Emergencies Happen," educated those about safety when it came to taking a trip to the emergency room, and also safety precautions those with bleeding disorders should take on vacations or day trips. The presentation was outstanding, and each person in attendance definitely took away something they did not know before. Thank you Lisa for your time and informative talk!

World Hemophilia Day only comes around once a year; however, we cannot let that be an excuse for us to stop raising awareness. As advocates for this disease, we must continually educate those in our community about bleeding disorders. Many are unaware of what bleeding disorders even are, including some of the doctors you may see in the ER. We will continue to fight to help those in the bleeding disorder community and we will find a cure, but we ask for your help to do so. 

Again thank you to everyone at Baxter and Antonio's for helping put on the event. Thank you to Lisa for providing wonderful information. Finally thank you again to all those who came. We look forward to seeing you all as we continue to have more programs in Northern Indiana.