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- A benign tumor derived from epithelium.papillomatous.
- Cauliflower-like projections that arise from the mucosal surface.
- It may appear white or normal colored.
- It may be pedunculated or sessile.
- The average size is less than 2.0 cm.
- No strong sex preference.
- The most common site was the palate-uvula area followed by tongue and lips.
- The durations ranged from weeks to 10 years.

- Immunoperoxidase stains have identified antigens of the "human papilloma virus" (HPV) types 6 and 11 in approximately 50% of cases.

- Good, there is no evidence that papillomas are premalignant.

Differential Diagnosis:
- Intraoral verruca vulgaris,
- Condyloma acuminatum, and
- Focal epithelial hyperplasia.
Note: differentiation is done accurately by Microscopic Examination ONLY ...

- Conservative surgical excision, recurrence is rare.


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