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I love this time of the year. Spring and Fall are my favorite 2 seasons. I love the cooler weather even though here lately it has been hot and humid. But today has been wonderful. It was sunny and cool.  We had a picnic at Denson Creek park. It is a beautiful park with a pond, trails and picnic area. I did not have my camera but it was a lovely day.

We have had a pretty good week. We also had a little picnic in the drizzling rain at Ramsuer park this week.

I have also taken some pictures of some fall color. I love beautiful fall leaves. 

We have been enjoying going to the pasture and riding around. There is a blue heron that stays at the pond but he usually flies off before I can get a picture of it. The other day we went over there and not only did I get a picture of the heron I got a picture of egret. 

I have also been wanting some cowboy boots. I have thought about it for a year now and I decided the other day I wanted some. So today I got me a pair. I put them on as soon as I got out to the car and wore them all evening. Cowboy boots make me think of my dad. My dad loved western wear and always had a pair of cowboy boots. I had my mind set on getting a pair but I had to make sure I went for comfort and not looks. I have been looking online and had found several pairs that I loved. Today we went to Walker Shoe Outlet in Asheboro NC and I found a beautiful pair that I loved. They were so pretty and they fit my big foot. I hate to go shoe shopping because I do have such a big foot. This pair I loved was tight across the top of my foot. They did not have a lot of boots in my size. So I decided to go and look at the mens boots. You know men are  not going to wear uncomfortable boots. I found a pair that I loved and they felt great on my foot!! I went with comfort and not beauty. Even though they are nice looking boots. 
My new boots. 

Well thanks for stoping by.