Imaginative Play Crochet Crown

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If you follow us on Facebook you will know that I started learning the art of crochet over the holidays :) I am trying some basic stuff, and am having so much fun with it! I was picking up some yarn and Miss Ava spotted this little ball of sparkly red yarn, and was requesting I make her a crown with it!

So we hunted online for a crown that I was "hoping" I could crochet for her, and founds tons!!! I was so exited!!This is such a sweet little addition to your dress up collection of goodies!!
I have done a few different stitches now, and with minimal mistakes was able to make this crown for her!!
This is the tutorial I used :) Everyone who does these videos has the best nails!!

I followed the basic tutorial, but added a second shell stitch to each point attaching it with chains of three down to the corners of each of the bottoms shells. This made the points much taller. I am not sure I would use this yarn again (for this) because it really soft and fine. I think a heavier yarn would stand up more, but Ava LOVED this yarn!!

This is the basic crown with one shell for each point, and below you can see I have added the second.

It was an early morning for Miss Ava, but she looked immediately to see if her crown was ready to start her royal day:)

This was so fast and fun to make!!! Many times when doing tutorials I find "other tutorials" on basic stitches so that I can go back and complete the tutorial, because sometimes they assume you already know the stitches. I love the way this turned out, she also had a fantastic little tiara to make as well!!
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