The fight against stretch marks

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Stretch marks are the result of the rapid stretching of the skin, this applies to persons which in a short time put on weight much, especially pregnant women. Also arise in people at puberty, in patients with hormonal disorders or as a result of taking steroids. The tendency to stretch marks is also hereditary. Skin with stretch marks rarely returns to its previous state of health.

Health behavior and of youthful appearance is not easy, because you have to cope with many difficulties. One of them are stretch marks, which are caused by degeneration or loss of connective tissue fibers i.e. collagen and elastin, which are located in the dermis.

Stretch marks usually occur on the thighs, stomach, breasts and buttocks. In the first phase of the formation they look as purple-rosy streaks, which later turn into streaks of white color resembling scar. 

Coming into existence stretch marks prevents the use of creams, balsams, gels, i.e. the systematic prevention. In the fight against extensive stretch marks can help a doctor or beautician. They use a number of weekly treatments:
  • deep peeling,
  • laser therapy,
  • vibrosauna,
  • pneumatic massage,
  • creams and facials.

However, the best way to prevent stretch marks is a systematic daily prophylaxis, i.e. moisturizing of the skin in places where it is most vulnerable to the formation of stretch marks.