Solidarity May Day flop (what else did you expect?)

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A bit of a lull for us here at Norfolk Unity recently, with DG flitting off for a holiday and yours truly having his arm twisted to redecorate the kitchen (and the hall, and the parlour...), but we're back and fighting fit, so let's kick off with news of everybody's favourite One Big Vast Huge Onion...

Still labouring under the illusion that anybody cares for him and the other 210 members of the BNP front known as Solidarity, risible "General Secretary" Patrick Harrington called on his fellow British workers (he isn't one, by the way - a worker, that is) to pull out all the stops for May Day.

The Great Fantasist's call was duly answered - by around four people carting around professionally hand-scrawled placards, by our reckoning.

The One Big Vast Huge Onion ("establishing itself as a major independent Trade Union") reported that leaflets were handed out to rail communters in Romford and shoppers in Torquay High Street, and... er, that's it.

According to the Huge Onion's error-strewn website, "social events" were held over the May bank holiday weekend and "Other Chapters of our Brotherhood were out on the streets". But the Huge Onion doesn't seem to know where these "social events" were held or which streets the "Brotherhood" were out on, and Harrington's exhortation for the Brotherhood to send in reports and photographs of their activites has so far drawn a blank.

Mostly because nothing of the kind happened, and as indifference usually reaches fever pitch very quickly whenever the Great Fantasist makes a call for anything, ergo there was nothing to send in.

"Together we are strong!"

Not with the Great Fantasist running the show you're not!

Back in March the One Big Vast Huge Onion's website carried a statement from its token Sikh Pramjit Sadra, the "statement" grandly issued by the Onion's one-man PR-"company" with the webmail address, Accentuate. In it Sadra attacks migrant labour, but we're not interested in that as much as we are Mr Sadra himself. We've tracked him far and wide and been in touch with him frequently (though he doesn't know it - yet), and far from being a "British worker" Sadra seems to be involved in a number of get-rich-quick schemes - those flaming eAcademy emails (among others) are really clogging up my inbox.

We'll have more on Mr Sadra the British worker very soon.

We'll also have news of the trade union Certification Office's decision on the legitimacy of the One Big Vast Huge Onion.

Visitors will remember that the "union" was hi-jacked from its founders by the BNP last summer when allegations of financial irregularities concerning Patrick Harrington surfaced, so we have Official Solidarity (the original organisation founded by Clive Potter and Tim Hawke) and Provisional Solidarity (Harrington's One Big Vast Huge Onion group).

The Certification Office is investigating allegations of financial irregularities, and breaches of both the law and Solidarity's constitution.

The Certification Office will issue a ruling on whether the Harrington/BNP takeover was legitimate. If it isn't, a legal morass will swamp both sides, as a ruling in favour of Official Solidarity will almost certainly mean that the One Big Vast Huge Onion will have to hand over its assets and membership lists - and we can't see the BNP allowing that to happen without pulling a few strokes.

Something we do know for certain is that the Executive of Official Solidarity recently held a meeting to discuss the way forward in the event of the Certification Office ruling in their favour. The meeting concluded that the name of Solidarity had been so badly damaged by its close association with the British National Party and had attracted so little interest (even from BNP members) that there was no point in continuing with the operation, and they would disband it.

As the BNP and the Great Fantasist would find it very difficult to start up another fake trade union (because this time the real trade unions will be ready for them), Harrington would find himself with even more time on his hands than normal in which to "order" the start-up of more blogs devoted to "deconstructing" (his most favouritest word in all the world) the Unity websites that have done so much to remind the antifascist brethren that you don't need to visit a circus to see a clown in action.