Almost. Almost. Almost.

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Almost. Almost. Almost. Maybe one day, I won't be behind. Last year, I didn't post pictures from September to December. I mean, I did throughout my posts that I had not written. I just didn't dedicate those to the posts that go along with Project 365. I kept debating whether to post them or not, and I decided against it, because it would be way to much work!

So, I'm going to stay on top of it, and post every two weeks (if it doesn't get too overwhelming). I'm just glad that I finally got this out of the way and can move onto March.

One Mango Tree is giving my readers a discount on the ikat skirt (seen on my post:  Fashion with a Cause). The discount is for 50% off. FIFTY PERCENT. That makes the skirt only $17. Discount good until March 23. Promo code:  SOUTHERNBELLE23


2. Vlog about a Makeup Haul. (see post: Makeup/Beauty Vlog! Budget Friendly from Sephora and Wal-mart)
3. Sprinkles Nail Polish (seen in this post: Become Glamorous for Under $10)
4-6. The pups.
7. Facetiming with hubby, while Bentley watches.

1. Ahhhhh!
2-3. Edible Valentine's Day card for the pups.
4-7. The pups enjoying their card.
8. Mint purse from Target.
9. Mint dress for St. Patrick's Day weekend from Kiki La Rue.
10. Earrings from Target.
11. Wearing the love earrings.
12. Boots on clearance for around $14.

1. One of my friend's sweet doggies. (February 17)
2. Even though, the ball is half missing, Bentley still wants to play fetch. (February 18)
3. Ate at Red Lobster with family. That is way too much food for a "lunch" portion. (February 19)
4. Flowers from the hubby for Valentine's Day (February 19)
5. As of today, we have been together 1,319 days (February 19)
6. Funny (February 19)

1-6. Pictures I found floating around the internet and saved to my phone.
7. Vanilla Creme peeps.
8. True Story.
9. Trying Aunie Sauce's tutorial on no heat curls.

1. I've been following this sweet baby, Hannah, from the beginning ( facebook page), when she had less than 1000 likes (maybe even less than that). She was born 1.14 lbs at 7 weeks old. She was born with no knee caps and has hip issues. She suffers from congenital dwarfism along with hypothyroidism. This rescue is taking care of her, and keeping us informed of her progress. She is adorable and will melt your heart.
2-3. Row-ne.
4-9. The results of the  No Heat Curls.

1. I can't help but laugh at Grumpy Cat. So sassy and sarcastic.
2. My Archetype: 32% Creative, 26% Fashionista, 22% Caregiver, and 20% Other.
3. Royce loves to cuddle.

1. My flowers from Valentine's Day have bloomed.
2-3. My Sweetheart Vox Box from Influenster (see post: Such a Sweetheart)
4-5. My Goodwill haul. I got 44 things for $164 (see post: I Deem Myself the Queen of Goodwill)

1-3. Friends.

1-2. Two of my friend's three sweet doggies.
3. Friends.
4. Snow fo' sho.
5-8. Royce chewing on a bully stick.

1-3. Cuddles.

1. On this day, almost at 800 followers.

1. My Cara Box (see post: Cara Box-Beloved Friend Reveal)
2-3. A 100 Photobook for FREE! (see post: A 100 Page PhotoBook for FREE! Say What?!?!)

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P.S. Do you like Mexican food? Myranda has shared a recipe for street tacos. Umm... Can yousay yum? Print it out, save it, pin it, etc. Do what you have to do, as in make them for dinner. She has also created a shop on Instagram (@prettygreatdeals). Check it out!

Have a great weekend! I know I will!