My Family Traits

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Family Traits are the traits you get from your parent, like if you have blue eyes, which means that one of your parents have blue eyes. My family traits are I have black hair, dark-brown eyes, short and other stuff I could have get from my parents. I have black hair because both of my parents have black hair(but my mom has a little light brown hair color). Also i got my eye color by they both had the same eye color. I think I'm short by my dad is kind of short, but i think that I'm short because i dont exercise that much and don't drink enough milk.

My brother and my sister has the same trait as me, exept their height. That means that i got my height from my dad and my sister and brother got their height from my mom. Most people call me short or shorty, but I don't think that I'm short because there is more people that is shorter that me. Also its because of the dna/chromosome that was dominant on my height. For example, if their is more big B's then which ever height that represent big B is the dominant one.