Gemini Horse

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A horse born under the Sign of Gemini is an inquisitive, alert and versatile animal who loves to learn. Being conversant with this horse's own natural behavior and communicating with him or her courtesy of body language and game-playing will only serve to deepen the bond between horse and owner within a very short period of time. These are fun-loving souls who require a whole array of different types of activities in order to flourish. Indeed, being creatures who adapt quickly to new situations, they actually thrive on a constant change of activity. Thus, the Gemini Horse is an ideal "all-rounder." With an inherent sense of humor, both mental and physical stimulation are essential in a relationship with this horse if an owner would avoid the onset of boredom...which could easily result in an animal that is unresponsive and inattentive at best, or even lead to a horse that becomes somewhat flighty in attitude. The Gemini Horse hates being isolated and will frequently establish relationships with other animal species if natural herdmates are not available. Given that this Zodiac Sign is symbolic of twins, the Gemini horse is happy to divide his or her attentions and affections between two owners on a very practical level. Hence, this is also an ideal sharing horse. Since the Sign of Gemini traditionally rules the chest and lungs, it will be necessary for any owner to be on the alert for possible respiratory problems. It is crucial that the Gemini Horse be allowed out and about as much as possible to enjoy plenty of fresh air, which will benefit the animal on all levels...not just the physical.