10-25 -- International Dwarfism Day

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The last post on this blog focused on Little People of Uganda, a support group for people with dwarfism in the East African Country where it appears clear that dwarfs face incredibly difficult changes, including death, sterilization, and imprisonment simply because of dwarfism.  Many other countries joined Uganda as International Attendees at the 2013 Little People of America Conference.  One country was Little People of Mexico.  Like Little People Uganda, the group from Mexico also presented at the LPA Board of Directors Meeting and at the General Assembly during the National Conference in Washington, D.C.  The presentations could not have been more different.  Annet of Little People Uganda delivered a matter of fact, business-like presentation, deliberately walking the audience through a series of slides about the atrocities that face people with dwarfism in Uganda, and the need for a support group to protect people with dwarfism. Containing her own emotion, Annet let the facts speak for themselves. On the other hand, Little People of Mexico led a presentation that had elements similar to a pep rally. The group leader, Jose, spoke about the organization of little people of Mexico then presented about a campaign to recognize October 25 as International Dwarfism Day.  At the end of his talk at the General Assembly, Jose urged on the crowd in the chant "10-25! 10-25! 10-25!."  The audience at the General Assembly chimed in, cheering as if at a sporting event. 

Little People of America and Little People Mexico
Though the Mexico and Uganda presentations were different, the goals of each group, and of Little People of America, are similar.  Each group, and all Little People groups around the world, need to invest efforts into raising awareness about dwarfism.  Doing so, all of us will work to increase opportunities in the mainstream for people with dwarfism and we will help reduce stigma against people with dwarfism. Little People Mexico's Campaign to identify an International Dwarfism awareness day is a great idea.  Not only will the campaign help raise awareness, it creates a vehicle for groups around the world to rally behind a similar goal and work together.  The group from Mexico picked 10-25 to honor Billy Barty. Barty, the founder of Little People of America, was born on October 25th. 

As president of Little People of America, I look forward to partnering with Little People Mexico on the International Dwarfism Awareness Day Campaign.  The campaign will help LPA build on our Dwarfism Awareness Month efforts, and it will help members here and abroad rally behind a common cause.