Amaurosis fugax

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Amaurosis fugax occurred allegedly due to clumps of plaque in the carotid artery to the retinal artery. These clumps cause the blood supply to the retina is lost for some time. Interruption of blood supply causes patients to lose vision.

Symptoms include the sudden loss of vision in one eye. This event is usually only lasts a few seconds but can take several minutes.

Patients are advised to get immediate medical examination of the eye. Optometrist examination conducted to determine treatment. If the examination results show that there were more than 70% blockage of the carotid artery, the patient can be recommended for surgery to remove the blockage.The decision to perform the operation will also be based on the severity and general health of the patient. If the patient does not require surgery, doctors usually give aspirin or blood thinners.Some of the precautions which can be done such as lowering cholesterol, lowering high blood pressure and quitting smoking can help reduce the risk of this disease.