Fight against Albino Killings enters New Front

Source:  Fight against Albino Killings enters New Front    Tag:  albino society
It is a beautiful thing when the society is seen to wake from deep slumber and realizes that the onus of taking care of its own, rests squarely on its (society’s) shoulders.

In fact, of late, many people have been raising their voices to shout down the killings of albinos in Tanzania and the region as a whole. This is a good start. But it is not good enough.

It is not that I’m trying to water down what has already been done. Never. But I believe it’s time we metamorphosed from the “talking” phase to the “action” phase.

The good news is that some sections of the society have come of age and have decided to cross to the next phase without having to be pushed or shoved.

On 5th of January this year 350 mobile phones were given to the albino society (to be distributed amongst themselves). These are intended to be used to make it easy for albinos to report (to the police and other security organs in the society) injustices perpetrated against them.

In the same vein, 50 special phones, for receiving info about criminals, were given to the police. These gadgets will greatly ease communication between the police and albinos (and the public as a whole). Thus, speedier apprehension of suspects is expected to be the fruit of this initiative courtesy of mobile phone providers Zain and Vodacom.

Well-done Zain and Vodacom. May other players in the society see the light and follow suit.

Police arm Albinos with cell phones to Fight killings