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Epilepsy Preventing Relapse With Eggplant - Epilepsy or commonly known as epilepsy due to brain damage at birth, head injuries. apoplexy or stroke and brain tumors otak.Ini is not a hereditary disease. Epilepsy itself is derived from the Greek (Epilepsia) which means 'attack'. Generally epilepsy who were relapse has resulted in some nerves and make people with seizures. Most people never have seizures seizures in his life, but this does not mean being epilepsy. For patients with epilepsy, seizures experienced more severe and not just once. If in the previous article kenzoo've shared about How To Avoid muscle spasms or cramps, then in this time of health tips kenzoo try to share about reducing the recurrence of epilepsy by stretching the muscles that contract to use eggplant. Eggplant is one vegetable that shaped oval. The author himself very fond of this one type of vegetable. Understandably, the authors include vegetarian lovers. How eggplant able to reduce and even prevent epilepsy relapse. Eggplant has the benefit of relaxes the nerves. Eggplant contains scopoletin and scoparono that can reduce the impact of psychological pressure and reduce stress. In fact both types of substances are able to loosen tense muscles. Plants Latin name is Solanum melongena L inhibit the nervous muscle spasms experienced by people with epilepsy. The use of eggplant as a natural remedy for nervous tension can be done with consumed after boiling or can also be done by taking directly if you feel weird taste. For the amount of consumption is not its size, but should consume only as needed. Eggplant is also said to be good for maintaining healthy red blood cells. In addition, several other health problems can also be solved by eating eggplant regularly. Some observers say that taking herbal eggplant can help cure lumbago, rheumatism, stiff hips and other pain. In this case, the disease can be treated with neuromuscular beurusan rigid. Eggplant can be eaten with different types of cuisine as it is commonly served in Javanese cuisine menu. To get the best content that could serve as a natural remedy, the process should not be too long to cook eggplant or mushy. Another benefit of Eggplant In addition to relax and treat nerve, eggplant has several other benefits for healing. and here are some diseases that can be treated with eggplant.     Reduce the risk of heart attack. Contains fiber and antioxidants beta carotene which the body can prevent a heart attack when consumed regularly.     Prevent cancer risk. One of the substances contained in the eggplant inhibitor is a substance used to prevent cancer.     Prevent atherosclerosis. Eggplant is also believed to be able to lose fat in the arteries so as to avoid the risk of aterosjklerosis.     Reduce hypertension. Potassium levels were quite high at around 217mg/100gr contained in eggplant able to cope with hypertensive disorders. By knowing some of the benefits of eggplant as a natural remedy, there is no reason to not like eggplant. Since this is one of the healthy foods are good to eat. Given that one of the regular menu over the kitchen table, you will awake from neurological diseases and disorders as well as several other diseases kenzoo commentator above. Hopefully health tips in this article can be useful for the companions.