Fun Crochet Projects for Kids

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I have been bitten by the crochet bug, and have been making all kinds of fun treats for Ava.
She LOVES Peppa Pig so I thought I would give a small set of dolls a go for her! There are tutorials online to make these and I checked out a couple to get the idea. It is super simple and I winged it on my own after getting the basic idea.

My inspiration for this project came from Pinterest!

This winter has been super busy, but I have found some time to create a few fun things mainly for Ava.

This sweater was a morph of many things I'd seen on Pinterest and I made it without a pattern. I started with a chain and with increasing created the entire sweater in one shot! The trim was a fun find that I added in from here.

This was a fun project for Barbie! There are just AMAZING Barbie dresses online. I think I will make a couple more because it was so fun. I love the deep V back, but this was actually (for me) mainly for practicality in that it was easy to put on and required no fasteners.

I have lots of other fun little treats on the go right now but thought I would share a few things and where my inspiration came from!

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