Fort Worth Main St. Arts Festival!

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Saturday was quite the day! This past weekend was the annual Fort Worth Main St. Arts Festival. We've made it a tradition to go every year for the past several years. Saturday was also the March of Dimes so it was quite the active day to be in Fort Worth! I was so happy, we had the BEST weather I ever remember having on the weekend of the Arts Fest. The day before was incredibly windy, and the air was extremely dirty because of the dirt flying around and the smoke coming from the wildfires in west Texas. They even had to shut down a few streets because the wind was so strong. Thankfully and surprisingly, we had crisp, clean and cool air the next day! Perfect weather for being outside!

The day started with breakfast with my friend Brooke at a local bakery called McKinley's in University Park. We love this place...their prices are very good and the atmosphere and service is wonderful!

They have great breakfast and lunch and an AMAZING selection of bakery goods for a very good price. I started of with what I call a "Power" breakfast...eggs, ham, tomato and cheddar on whole wheat, a bowl of fruit and some coffee!

The desserts are overwhelming! I ended up going with the Oatmeal Raisin and Snickerdoodle cookie. I have also had their Black Forest Cake in the past. Best I've ever had!

So much to choose from!!

Then I ran into some old friends from my childhood, the Montgomery's. I was in class for several years with their youngest son and my brother was best friends with their older son. We lived just down the street from them. I think every Arts Festival I run into someone I haven't seen in years!

I was also happy to see their oldest daughter Erin Kay...she was a senior in high school when I was in 4th or 5th grade and would come over with the seniors to mentor us younger kids. She was my mentor =)

After the excitement we went next door to Williams-Sonoma to browse....and I found what could now be #1 on my wish list....
Cake pans in the shape of an Oreo cookie! 

Here's Brooke showing them off :) Aren't they the cutest cake pans ever!?

Then we strolled across the street to the new Anthropologie in University Park....well maybe not that opened last November! Here's a few photo's of what stood out to me this time...

This apron was so cute!

If I had the extra money, this chair would have been mine that very day.

I have this thing for tea towels!!

Coolest. Curtains. Ever.

Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge. {husband, are you reading this?} ;-)

Then we headed down to the Arts Festival {after stopping at my house to change shirts}. Here are a few of the artists that got my attention....

This had to be my favorite this year! Artist Steven Meadows from Illinois. He made random figurines and wall art out of everyday junk. His pieces were so amusing. We had to go back to look twice! Each piece was exploding with personality. The little cans that look like fish in the photo above crack me up.

I loved these mirrors made out of wooden clothes pins! 

The little guy in the bow tie was my favorite. Haha! 

 door handles, paint brushes, coke can tabs, shovels, pans, you name it!

 I see this one every year..... these designs on wooden bowls were made from tiny glass beads.

This sculpture by Eric Ober was quite interesting.

Here's Brooke & I...after joining my bro-in-law Tim.

Just chillin' in the sun. Thanks Tim for the picture of the sides of our faces :-)

My husband & I after he joined us :-)

FREE HUGS! {notice the progression from this photo to the next...not only with me and the girl in the foreground, but also the guys in the background!! haha!}


Quite the crazy face I've got there...

There were SOOO many people!! 

Can you believe this?!?! This is the ONLY photo I took of the food! Can't believe I forgot! The food was sooo good....Brooke & I split a plate of tamales from Riata and some brisket tacos from Cantina Laredo! I didn't feel like a funnel cake this year *surprisingly* - but I did scrounge up the a few last-minute tickets for a bowl of Dippin' Dots! A childhood favorite! 

Overall fun day! :-) Had a great time! 

Thanks for reading! Hope everyone has a fantastic week! Happy Monday!!!