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I conducted an interview with Vicky Schulte, a leader of the Little People of America. This is an organization whose main goal is to support families effected by Achondroplasia and the people inflicted with the disease. The following questions were asked in the interview:

Q:   How do you help citizens that are diagnosed with achondroplasia?

A: When a child is diagnosed with dwarfism (any type) we usually provide them with materials our organization produces.  We have a quarterly magazine (which comes with membership) and we send them a booklet called “Whole New View” which is written for parents of children with dwarfism.  We also have a medical advisory board to whom we refer our members.

Q: Do you hold fundraisers?
A: We hold an internal fundraiser among our membership called 50 for 50.  Many local chapter hold fundraisers, silent auctions, poker nights, etc. to raise funds for their own chapter.

Q: How do you spread the word about your organization?
A: We have a website, Facebook page and advocacy materials.

Q: How can Americans help people with achondroplasia succeed in life?
A: To help those with dwarfism, the average height community can remember to treat LP’s as regular people.  Age doesn’t reflect height.  People with dwarfism can do anything that AH (average height) people can do, they just might need a stool to do it!

Q: How many people belong to your organization? How many are actually diagnosed with achondroplasia?
A: We have over 7000 members in LPA from around the world.  85% of those in LPA have achondroplasia.  It is the most common form of dwarfism. <-- The link to the Little People of America website