Cleft of the Rock

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Have you ever just sat back and thought about how far you and God have come? Have you ever just stopped and taken the time to look back and allow yourself to be overwhelmed by His goodness and faithfulness to you?

I remember a few months ago I met with a sweet friend of mine one morning for some hot tea and girl talk. She was house sitting and I had the day off so we figured whats a better way to spend our morning than sitting down and catching up. I love nothing more than just listening to other people talk about all God is doing in their lives, and around them in the lives of those they love. It just ministers to my heart so much to hear how God is moving and working in other believers lives. I  cherish talks that are nothing more than catching up on all God has been doing and believing Him for what he is yet to do.

Well, this conversation was one of those wonderful, overflowing with thankfulness to our God conversations. I was filling my friend in on all that God was doing at the Church I am now attending and serving in, and how I still sit back in awe of all God is doing in my life these days. The past 5 ½ years have been some of the most challenging, amazing, faith testing, tear shedding, mind blowing years of my life and in my journey with the Lord Jesus. You talk about being in a race and pressing on to win the prize...boy, has this girl been trying to run this race of faith for the glory of God with all I have got for the past 5 years by His grace alone. Hasn’t always been pretty, but boy has it been a race and a journey worth taking. Now God is certainly not threw with me yet. Hello, I am still on the planet; which means he is not done; still trying to keep my eye on the prize and I am still doing the thing, but my friend said something that I have not been able to get out of my head since and it just so perfectly describes  how I feel and this season I am in with the Lord….She said “It seems like you are just sitting back and just watching God do all this stuff and you are just sitting back and just taking it all in.”

When she said that I immediately thought of Moses and when the Lord hid him the cleft of the rock( Ex 33:18-23). The Lord said he would cause all his goodness to pass in front of him…but he could not see His face so after the Lord’s glory passed by he would remove his hand and Moses would see His back.

What makes this mean to much to me is that when I was 18 years old Louie Giglio said something at a camp that I was at (Big Stuf Camp: Summer 05') that FORVER changed the way I desired to live my life; he said “the purpose of your life is to live for the glory of God.” I had NEVER IN MY LIFE heard that, and from that moment on the desire of heart (doesn’t mean I always got it right) but the desire of my heart from that point until now,and I pray until I see the Lord face-to-face, is to live for His glory.

The videos below are 1 message in two parts (7 1/2 min each) by Beth Moore. She so beautiful explains what I wish I could articulate sometimes to people when I think about the last 7 months!! I feel as though I am coming out of the cleft of the rock and seeing God’s back, and I am just BLOWN AWAY by his goodness and faithfulness!!! These days I feel like I am little more quite than I normally am,  but I think it's because there have been these moments over the last 7 months that the Lord has just taken my breathe away. Now, don't get me wrong it hasn't been all daisy's and running through fields...but the overiding theme of the last 7 months in my life is God is so faithful! Delight youself  in the Lord...HE.WILL. BE. SO. GOOD. TO. YOU!

(Part 5)

(Part 6)