Do You See What I See?

Source:  Do You See What I See?    Tag:  noonan syndrome support group

See that?

See the arrow?

That's how some people see people with Down Syndrome.

That's how many, if not most, people who wear white coats see people with Down Syndrome.

 See that little box?

See what's inside the box?

Many see only that.

They can't see outside the box.

Because if they did, this is what they'd see.

 See that?

See that smile.

That's what the arrow is pointing to.

A person.

Who smiles.

Who delights.

Who feels love.

Who feels life.


 And if they managed to actually see ...

They'd have to ask questions.

And those who have all the answers ...

Are never really fond of questions.

Tomorrow is World Down Syndrome Day.

Question Authority.

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