Low Protein #PKU Chocolate Pudding

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     Our family LOVES sweets!  We don't just have a sweet tooth, we've got a whole mouth full.  Lily included.  When we make brownies or a cake, Lily usually gets one of her low protein muffins with vanilla frosting on top.  The problem is when we have pudding.  Lily's getting tired of her Hunt's lemon pudding cups (0 phe).  She does love them but would like a little but of a variety. 

     I ordered some food from Lil's Dietary Shop and discovered a chocolate banana pudding by Promin!  It's super easy to make and Lily loves it.  The package comes with 6 packets that contain 36.5 grams of powder.  You just need to add 7tablespoons of cold water to one packet.  One packet makes the perfect serving size.  There are 9.12 phe in the individual 36.5 gram packets.

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