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This is a difficult post to write... our Shiraz passed away last Thursday. It all happened so fast, literally within just a few days. He stopped moving, eating and talking, we knew that something was very wrong. The doctors were stumped at first, his little body was shutting down and everything was going so wrong so fast. After a slew of tests (blood work, ultrasound, biopsy from his liver, x-rays, etc.) he was diagnosed with a rare and fatal disease called Amyloidosis. This disease attacks the liver, kidneys and then passes to all other major organs which was exactly what was happening to poor Shiraz... The doctor's at the clinic said that they knew about this disease but most had never actually seen it, it's a rare and hereditary disease only found in Abyssinian and Siamese breeds and it can skip many generations. They kept telling us how unlucky we were and at first that's exactly how we felt, all we could think was how unfair this all was. But we know how incredibly lucky we were to have had him in our lives, even if it had to be for such a short time. We had last pick of the litter when we brought him home 4 years ago, but we always felt like we had won the lottery because everyone else overlooked the most amazing cat! He was so special, i've never bonded with a pet like I did with baby Shiraz... he woke me up every morning, sat with me while I ate, waited in the bathroom while I showered, stood on the counter top while I brushed my teeth {he loved the smell of minty toothpaste!}, came to the front door when I left for work and waited patiently at the front window when I returned home. He followed us everywhere and just wanted to be close to us, anywhere we were, Shiraz was there too.

I've been so lucky and so blessed to be his mama for the past 4 years and I will always remember each day that I got to spend with him as an amazing gift.

I love you and I miss you so much Shiraz xox...

Baby shiraz

Shiraz on chair

So much love

Shiraz at window

In my heart forever