Abortion can cause Cerebral Palsy: another reason to March on June 28th!

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Brent Rooney, MSC, at http://www.justiceforkids.webs.com, sends along interesting studies.  Today he points out that previous abortions cause subsequent babies to be born prematurely, which is the major cause of birth defects including cerebral palsy.  This is another one of those things we have included in talks and now the studies are piling up. 

Dr. Ellice Lieberman and her Harvard University colleagues reported in the New England Journal of Medicine ( http://www.nejm.org/doi/pdf/10.1056/NEJM198709173171206) that Black-American women in Boston with more that one (1) prior abortion nearly double (1.91 times) their risk of premature deliveries.

The National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine, in its 2007 premature birth textbook, listed 14 "Immutable Medical Risk Factors Associated with Preterm Birth".  Of 14 "preemie" risks the third listed risk is "Prior first trimester induced abortion"' URL:  http://www.nap.edu/openbook.php?record_id=11622&page=625

The latest, Tatavarti SR, Arimilli V. PRETERM BIRTH ASSOCIATED with CEREBRAL PALSY. Journal Evidence Based Medicine and Healthcare. May 2015;2;2476-2479,  http://www.jebmh.com/data_pdf/2_Srinivas Rao.pdf

BREAKING GOOD NEWS!  About 53,000 more babies were born in 2014 than the year before!

Just 10 days until the March!  Hope you are working on some good signs.