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The Advisory Committee on Newborn Screening (ACNBS) has approved the inclusion of Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD) in the current newborn screening panel of disorders. This expanded newborn screening now includes six congenital disorders, instead of five diseases. The ACNBS has passed Resolution No. 2012-001 which allowed the offering of the additional test to all newborns at no additional cost.  The ACNBS resolution will be fully implemented in the different areas according to this schedule: NSC-NIH, July; NSC-CL, August; NSC-Visayas, October; and NSC-Mindanao, December.

Newborn screening (NBS) is a simple procedure to find out if your baby has a congenital metabolic disorder that may lead to mental retardation and even death if left untreated. Most babies with metabolic disorders look normal at birth. One will never know that the baby has the disorder until the onset of signs and symptoms and more often ill effects are a lready irreversible. NBS should be done on the 24 to 72 hours after birth, except for sick and premature babies who must be screened by the 7th day of life regardless of weight and age of gestation. It is available in participating health institutions (hospitals, lying-ins, Rural Health Units and Health Centers). If babies are delivered at home, babies may be brought to the nearest institution offering NBS. The results are available within seven to fourteen ( 7 - 14) working days after the newborn screening samples are received in the NSC.

A negative screen means that the result of the test indicates extremely low risk of having any of the disorders being screened.

A positive screen means that the baby is at increased risk of having one of the disorders being screened.

Babies with positive results should be referred at once to the nearest hospital or specialist for confirmatory testing and further management. Should there be no specialist in the area, the NBS secretariat office will assist its attending physician.

The disorders tested for newborn screening are:

(1) Congenital Hypothyroidism (CH)

(2) Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH)

(3) Galactosemia (GAL)

(4) Phenylketonuria (PKU)

(5) Glucose-6-Phosphate-Dehydrogenase Deficiency (G6PD Def.)

(6) Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD)

Below is the list of the G6PD Confirmatory Centers all over the country:

MCU-FDTMF Hospital
EDSA Caloocan City
Tel.             +63 2 365.4868       / 367.2031 loc 1136
 Fax. +63 2 365.4868

 National Institutes of Health Central Laboratory
 NIH Bldg., University of the Philippines Manila
 625 Pedro Gil St., Ermita, Manila
 Tel.             +63 2 525.5171

Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital
 46 P. Sanchez St., Sta Mesa Manila
 Tel.             +63 2 716.3901       loc 513/229/287
 Fax. +63 2 714.7495

University of Perpetual Help Dalta Medical Center
 Alabang Zapote Rd. Pamplona, Las Piñas City
 Tel.             +63 2 874.8515       loc 175/204

Mariano Marcos Memorial Hospital and Medical Center
San Julian, Batac, Ilocos Norte
Tel.             +63 77 792.3133       or 792.3144
 Fax. +63 77 6171517 or 792.4978


Cagayan Valley Sanitarium and Hospital
Mabini, Santiago City, Isabela
Tel.             +63 78 682.8486       or 682.6908/09
Fax. +63 78 682.8548


Angeles University Foundation Medical Center
Mac Arthur Hi-way, Angeles City
Tel.             +63 45 625.2999     
Fax. +63 45 625.2924


Batangas Regional Hospital
Kumintang Ibaba, Batangas City
Tel.             +63 43 723.0165       or 980.1733
Fax. +63 43 980.1738


Polymedic Medical Plaza
National Highway, Kauswagan, Cagayan De Oro City
Tel.             +63 88 858.5242     
Fax. +63 88 858.4185

Mayor Hilarion A. Ramiro Sr., Regional Training
Maningcol, Ozamiz City
Misamis Occidental
Tel.             (088)5210440     
Fax (088)5210022


Tagum Doctors Hospital
Highway 5A, rabe Subd., Tagum City
Tel.             +63 84 400.1353     
Fax. +63 84 210.2309


Dr. Pablo O. Torre Sr. Memorial Hospital (Riverside Medical Center)
B9 Aquino Drive, Bacolod City
Negros Occidental
Tel.             (034)4337331     
Fax (034)4345532
Here is a video of the newborn screening from the Newborn Screening Site: