Source:  There IS NO SUCH THING as POSITIVE SELECTION.    Tag:  frame shift mutations

Today we see no "positive selection fairy still living." In the magical past Evotards believe in magical process of rapid "positive selection of beneficial mutations". (What a crock of s##t!)

Today, for some unknown reason we only see genetic degradation and creatures going extinct. They never focus on that EVER.

OK GUYS. I can't believe you are all so ill informed that you don't know what the Evotards call "beneficial" mutations today.

And when you do a good search of medical papers and pubmed papers we find that ALL of them have many genetic diseases associated with them, reducing the health of those afflicted by them, because you cannot screw up a healthy system and destroy it one mutation at time and expect anything other than eventual extinction.

I describe it this way. If you have a perfectly designed bridge (original human parents of our species) with 3,200,000,000 "good strong rivets" (DNA base pairs) and you partially drill out some of them (point mutation), completely drill out some of them (frame shift mutation), and partially sand through them and let the water and oxygen, rust hit the raw unpainted metal (missense mutations), and deform them by smashing them over and over with a car or truck 98+ thousands of times from accidents (viral infections with ERV's changing the structure and breaking down the rivets) and keep repeating this process over and over,,, eventually the bridge will collapse and fall down (extinction).

It is very difficult for the mentally degraded and emotionally driven by compulsions and desires, to understand and see the complexity of life in what they can only perceive with tiny brains as a mass of conflicting data, because that is the condition of most Evotard's minds. They are forced to try to make opposing thoughts say only what they believe and that is a horrible level of fear and pain in that crap. That is why they are so angry, suffering and bitter and hate anyone who opposes their mental condition of delusions and fantasy.

They learn to cope by using "avoidance", "denial", "religion", "ideology" to quell the pain of ignorance. It is far better to only seek the Truth and avoid all human traps. My favorite painting from brugel shows the "Blind Leading the Blind" into a pit of death. That sums up the human condition of ignorance.

Its absolutely clear in evidence that there is no "correcting" or "fixing" influence in any creature. They are all losing gene functions; are less complex because of this.

99.9999% of full "mutations" results in damage to the genome. Constantly happening from infected human reproductive cells, zygotes. It is absolutely clear there is no "correcting" or "fixing" influence in any creature. Only degradation!

This is why we only see increases in cancer, diabetes, heart disease and the 7000+ "rare" genetic diseases.

Cancer cases in countries with social Darwinism are rising at phenomenal rates. Australia the land with a city called "Darwin" has 400% rise in STD Chlamydia in 10 years and a 229% rise in new cancer cases in 25 years. Cancer is a genetic disease caused by fetal mutations or germ line mutations when the fetus is infected with a virus. The highest numbers of Chlamydia in all countries is in young women ages 14 to 24. Naïve young hormonal fertile women. These facts are absolute.

Humans have created most of these viruses by their activities to spread and mutate them amongst humans through sexual activities, and by cultivating meat in "foods" like pigs, chickens, ducks, and other creatures that can pass human viruses into their bodies that have similar host cells to humans. Once these virus enter into a host pig or chicken they mutate based on the effects of the pig's or chicken's (or host animal's) immune system trying to kill it. This is what causes these mutants that survive and then are transferred back into humans.

The viruses transmitted by STD's (UK "STI's) are the ones that have the most horrible effect on human life.

Natural Selection destroys life.  Evotards think that you can crash your car into a tree, then if you crash it into another tree it will fix itself by the evotard fairy of positive selection. Eventually, if you smash the car enough it will get more advance and more complex. The more times you wreck it the more chances it will evolve into a truck. This is exactly how retarded their thinking process is.